What Do You Like To Read?



  1. I think that if we limit ourselves to only one genre, we miss out on so much. I enjoy discovering new ideas and new experiences through reading. I don’t limit myself. There was a time when I thought that I only enjoyed reading certain books, but I found (as a Secondary English Ed major) that I was limited in discussions because I had dismissed so many writings because I found them unappealing. In order to improve my teaching, I decided to take a new look at literature and read.

    I’ve always enjoyed reading, and I’ve always read anything that interested me; however, this time I took a new approach. I read classics I had missed out on. I read new authors. I read old authors. I read ancient books that had long since seen their heyday in readership. I have been reading to have a better connection so that the next time I have a student say, “There are no good books,” I can reply, “What do you prefer to read?” and go from there.


    • I like your new approach, and I agree, we all should venture outside our “comfort” zones and read books we normally won’t. For me, I’ve always shied away from the “classics” for one reason or another; perhaps I shouldn’t anymore. I think I may try your approach (at least once) and see what happens. 🙂


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