Writers Are Like Athletes

athletesWhat can we learn from athletes that would enable us to become better writers?  You’d be surprised.

1. Athletes train consistently to become better, faster, more proficient competitors.  For writers, we need to write daily, often in order to improve the craft, our skills.

2. Athletes test themselves by competing.  Writers submit to see their work published.

3. Athletes occasionally suffer from injuries.  Writers name your poison (aka writer’s block for instance).

4. Believe it or not, athletes need down time in order to allow their bodies to rejuvenate; writers need to do the same.  Take a break and pursue another creative outlet.  Have fun. Be spontaneous.

5. Athletes need coaches in order to achieve the next level.  Writers are no different.  They need mentors, other peers to help push them beyond their comfort zones.

Care to add your thoughts and input to this?


7 thoughts on “Writers Are Like Athletes

  1. All right!!! My son is VERY athletic and it’s not always to see what we have in common. I think I will print this up and show him some areas that are common for both of us.

    As far as the post goes, #2 is the area I have the most trouble with. It is so hard for me to submit my work. Rejection is not something I have ever been able to get used to.


    • My son is also athletic (as I once was long ago) who tends to think his momma a bit on the peculiar side 😉
      I can empathize with you about the rejection part. It’s probably one of the more difficult aspects about being a writer. All I can say is don’t give up no matter how many rejections you may receive. Believe in yourself and your work and the rest will take care of itself. 🙂


  2. #4 is the most important thing that I think is neglected by most writers. It’s one of my main criticisms of NaNo WriMo. The brain needs to rest to produce anything of worth. All the studies on human cognition and learning show that the brain works best with rest.

    I find that reading philosophy and listening to music keeps mental muscles flexing – athletes stretch every day and do a few small exercises. But I take a break from the grind of writing 4-5k words in a sitting. It also enables me to write that much in a sitting.


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