NaNo and Writing Your Book



4 thoughts on “NaNo and Writing Your Book

  1. Until NaNoWriMo started I hadn’t wrote more than 10k for one story. As of day 12 I had 40k done so far. I think a lot of it is the community I have found on WordPress of NaNo writers, so I am hoping to form enough of a relationship that the support continues after November.


  2. Like you, I’ve never written more than 10k before trying NaNo a few years back. I think it helps keep you focused on one goal for a certain period of time; if you don’t reach 50k, that’s fine but heck, it’s a great feeling to have written more than you would have under the normal circumstances. Having the support and encouragement from other writers doesn’t hurt either 🙂


    • Thanks for stopping by, Michael 🙂 I usually write my stuff long-hand first, but if I had a laptop I think I may write many of my first drafts on that instead. Sometime outlining your novel/book before starting it may help keep you from losing your way as you write.


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