Plot vs. Characters by K.M. Weiland

For our last discussion about plot vs. characters, let’s welcome K.M. Weiland!
Plot and character don’t exist in a vacuum. We could make several arguments for why one or the other is slightly more important. But, honestly, whatever answer we may come up with (and we’re likely to each come up with different answers) is academic.
Here’s the truth: to create a powerful story, we can’t afford to neglect either plot or character. Instead of having them wage war against one another, we need them to work together.
A perfectly structured plot will never live up to its potential without an equally solid character arc.
A compelling character arc will never be able to hold up its own weight without a properly structured plot.
No need to pick one over the other. When we understand how plot and character can (and should) work in perfect harmony, we get the best of both worlds. And so do our readers.
K.M. Weiland-“I’m a fighter, a writer, a child of God. I write historical and speculative fiction and mentor authors.”  Want to know more?  Please visit her website! Almeria western show in Mini Hollywood
Have any thoughts you like to add?  We love to hear them!


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