NaNoWriMo-Decision Time


I keep teetering back and forth on “yes! I will  do NaNo this year” and “eh, nah, not this year.”   So, I’ve decided to turn to listing the pros and cons of participating.



1. Time-consuming (when I have a family plus I’m the only one who’s currently working full-time, plus Thanksgiving is coming)

2. Energy-consuming (see above)

3. Would need to “write” while everyone’s sleeping (not sure if I can muster this with my eye-condition)

4. Not sure if I have enough motivation/determination to follow through with the commitment (I would cough this up to not having enough energy or eye-power for an entire month)

5. Lacking family support (namely my husband)



1. Have this strong desire to complete a draft of something

2. My son wants me to (this translates to that yes, I have a story in mind and that he wants to read it!)

3. I need to write!

4. To help me feel better as a writer (to end the year on a high note with having worked on a large project)

5. I would like to have a work-in-progress manuscript on hand when I apply for an opportunity at a writer’s residency (never been to one)


I’m looking over these items I’ve listed above and I still can’t decide.  Okay, I’m going to grab another cup of coffee and think some more.




  1. This is my first time for NaNo. Online forum of past participants said that you can do it in 30 mins – 1 hour per day. Think about doing in multiple sections that add up to 1 hour. I’m going to be balancing work, life (sleep, eating, clean clothes) and writing. I’m also working out details of story now so that I start writing on Nov 1st instead of staring at blank page. And it’s okay if you write 50K, you will be closer to finishing your story. The goal could be figuring a schedule that works best to find time to write within the pressures of real life. You might be interested in my posts on DIY Writer’s Retreats. I believe they can be done at home or on vacation (even with family). The Retreat concept is a great way to recharge your writing spirit. And, I don’t charge anything for sharing my ideas.

    I understand not having 100% support from family and friends who are not writers. They just don’t understand that writing helps quiet the voices in my head. Otherwise, I have to start yelling about stupid stuff. The Pros have it in my opinion.

    Happy writing…

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  2. Thank you, Margot, for your suggestions and encouragement 🙂 That is probably what I may need to do…working out a schedule (ahead of time) that would work for me. I will try out the smaller increments instead of big ones (which I usually do in the past). I’ll check out your DIY Writer’s Retreat posts. 🙂


  3. After winning NaNo 2013 I have become a NaNoJunkie. I encourage everyone to participate who even thinks about it. At least outline your story and begin writing it. Worse case is that you don’t get 50k in 30days, no big deal. You’ll still have the start of a manuscript that you can continue to work on after November. Best case…. you have a 50k+ word manuscript that you an turn into a book. A true Win-Win.

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    • I don’t visit other writers’ blogs as much as I really should. It is difficult to find that right balance between life, work and writing; but I know it is not impossible (just have to remind myself of this from time to time). I’m starting to lean more towards “Yes” for NaNo 🙂

      Thank you for vising and for the encouraging words!

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