What’s In A Blog (this one in particular)?

day two

I’m continuing to participate in Jeff Goins’ 21 days of intentional blogging and his challenge today is a doozy for me.  He wants us to identify three particular elements of our blogs:

1. Subject

2. Theme

3. Objective


I’ve been blogging for oh, seven or eight years now and I honestly haven’t given much thought to any of these elements.  Well, better late than never…let’s give this challenge a whirl shall we?


The subject matter for this blog generally bounce between genre and serial writing to poetry/motion poetry to movies and to various issues within the entertainment and writing industries.   This is probably one of the main reasons why I named this blog “A writer and her adolescent muse” since my mind moves all over the place and rarely sticks to just one main subject; or, perhaps my muse has ADHD.  Hmm…


The theme for this blog mostly centers around the contemplative/philosophical aspects of the creative life.


This is probably the easiest element for me to nail down.  I’ve always intended to use this blog  as a way to have open dialogues with other writers.  Being a writer these days tends to be a lonely venture for me so I started this blog so that I can meet and chat with others about issues and topics we are passionate about.


What about you?  Do you have any ideas about what your blog is about (in regards to subject, theme and objective)?







  1. I started my blog just last month in order to put some of my poems out there and network with other poets. I’ve read some great stuff out there and it inspires me. I’m not sure where I’ll go with my blog but I like putting my poems out there as well as inspirational quotes.


  2. I started my blog for the intentional blogging challenge. I want to get serious about my writing and this is my first challenge in that aspect of life changes I am hoping to work through and share at my blog. If it goes well, maybe I’ll even try NaNoWriMo. Glad you are a part of this challenge!


  3. Nice to find your blog. (I found it via Twitter’s Intentional Blogging hashtag). I relate very much to you, that’s it has been difficult to find the topic of my blog, too. But congratulations on finally figuring it out! I like that you summed up with “contemplative/philosophical aspects of the creative life” Nicely put!


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