There Are Way Too Many Blogs Out There

day twenty one





Simply put, there are way too many blogs out there.

Here are some numbers I have found:

There are probably over 200 million blogs currently on the ‘net worldwide (and this number may be grossly under-stated) with one new blog created every 1/2 second.  Wow.

Within the U.S., there are approximately 6.7 million individuals who have blogs (many of them even have multiple blogs-consider me one of them).


Are there enough readers for all of them?  Maybe.  How about this?  How many of these blogs have readers who keep coming back?  How many of these blogs are truly successful?

How in the world do one find the time to read multiple blogs on a given day, every day???

It just doesn’t seem possible.

What do you think?




  1. Every day I see links to blogs which look interesting, or new people put a like on mine. Regrettably, I have to be very selective about which to follow. I simply cannot read them all. In the same vein, I have to be careful balancing how much time I spend writing my blog versus writing other projects. That said, the world of blogging has introduced me to interesting people I would not have come across otherwise.

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  2. I think when server space becomes precious in half a million years, scarcity of resources might make data storage expensive, thereby forcing a limited number of blogs to be very high-quality. Right now, though, to all intents and purposes, scarcity doesn’t exist. There aren’t really any consequences for people who behave wastefully (I’ve been guilty of this myself) and no reason to stop.


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