Perfectionist = Procrastinator (Agree?)





Is there any such thing as perfection?

Perfect body. Perfect manuscript.  A perfect artwork or photograph.

A perfect life?


Then how come that as artists (writers especially) we tend to be perfectionists?  We allow both inner and outer critics get to us.

Is it a wonder why we give up, or don’t finish?

We become procrastinators instead.

Sound familiar?




6 thoughts on “Perfectionist = Procrastinator (Agree?)

  1. I don’t believe “perfection” is good since if something is already perfect, then that means that it can’t be improved anymore. instead, I believe that all things are just works in progress and can be further improved. That’s how we evolve as individuals as well, by making things better and learn from our mistakes as we go along 🙂

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  2. Instead of procrastinate, I think perfection just prolongs things. It takes great effort on my part to try to forget about writing a perfect scene, character, subplot, etc and just write. Or else the alternative is a writing process that becomes less enjoyable.

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  3. It took me about a decade to finally toss my first novel out into the world because I am definitely classified as a perfectionist. Maybe even a little OCD (according to my wife anyway). So I definitely think for those of us who truly have that personality trait of such high expectations for ourselves and others, we turn into great procrastinators because it just doesn’t ever seem to reach the level of perfection we really want.

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  4. And the worst part is that this doesn’t get better with each book you put out there, or with each short story/poem published. You’d think it would, but nope! My hubby thinks I’m a bit strange, but I like the word eccentric better 🙂


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