What is Writing to You?


I like to expand on a recent poll I posted (Your Writing) where I asked how you viewed your writing.  Most chose “other” or “none of these.”  which I thought was interesting. Actually, I was surprised as I’d thought many would choose “gift” or “calling” or even “a way to make a living.”  I was wrong.

Again, interesting.

Here I’m going to briefly look at each of the viewpoints I had listed; this is my perspective of them which you may see in an entirely different way.  If so, I love to hear it!


You see writing as a gift:  per Dictionary.com, gift is defined as “a special ability or capacity; natural endowment; talent.” It’s something that comes almost naturally, or it is almost an instinct within you that you must do or act upon.  It’s something you want to embrace or nurture, and then share with the world.

You see writing as a calling: again per Dictionary.com, calling is defined as “a strong impulse or inclination.”  This is something that you can’t or shouldn’t plan for.  It’s just happens, or is just there.  Another way to figure out what you may be called to do is look at your life and experiences, and see what common themes keep popping up.  And because of these, you find yourself strongly drawn to something or somewhere specific.

You see writing as a burden: Writing is something you feel you must do, and when you’re not able, you feel so frustrated and pent up.  It becomes a painful load that threatens to overwhelm you with depression and despair.  You begin to wish you never have to write in order to feel relief.

You see writing as a way to make a living: You may have some of the above or none…but you desire to use writing in order to make enough money so you can leave that job you hate, or fulfill that desire or dream of becoming a full-time professional writer.


Personally, I see my writing as a gift and a burden; but, I am still trying to find my calling.

What about you?



12 thoughts on “What is Writing to You?

  1. You forgot to put hobby on your list. I expect that for a lot of people, like me, writing is something that we do in our free time because we enjoy it. I might let my friends see my work but it’s not a ‘gift’ that I share with the world and it’s not how I make my living (though that would be nice).

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  2. I didn’t answer the poll at the time, but I would have said both gift and calling (and if the previous commenter had his way, “hobby” would have been good too). It’s not really limited to one motivation for me, I suppose…I do some of it for fun, some because I want to share, some because I feel compelled, some because I use it as a ministry, and if I ever become financially successful from it, it would be a way to make money too (though definitely not there yet!). So really all of these fit me, but it shifts as time goes by.

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  3. We writers are a complex and diverse bunch aren’t we? What you say is so true though as I too occasionally waver back and forth just like I tend to write various genres and forms…it all depend on what I want to share, or what mood or impulse strikes me.


  4. I definitely feel that my creative talents are a gift and a calling. I would say sometimes it is almost a compulsion when an idea takes hold in my mind and I can think of little else till I get it on paper. Wish I had seen the poll, but definitely following you now. 🙂

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  5. Like Selysin, I think writing is mostly a hobby for me… and I constantly debate with myself if it is truly a “gift” I possess. I think it is… I’m just not sure what I am supposed to be using my gift for!

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  6. For many of us, it’s difficult to figure out how we should use this gift of writing. I’m sure some of us eventually figure it out; but if not, I wouldn’t stop writing. If you’re like me, you find it difficult to stop writing…it’s that urge or compulsion somewhere in the back of our mind (or deep within somewhere) that would keep nagging at us ’till we pick up that pen once more. Thank you for stopping by, akleneth! 🙂


  7. I’d say my writing is a calling. Sometimes I answered its call and sometimes I didn’t. I was like an on again-off again lover. But now I’m a committed partner. Others would say that my writing is a gift though. In particular poetry.

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