A Question For Writers

I have a question for you.  It’s a serious one.

What does success look like to you?


7 thoughts on “A Question For Writers

  1. Success looks like quitting my day job, all of my bills being paid and i still have money left over to have a life. It looks like traveling to all sorts of places and enjoying the moment. It looks like curling up in a big squishy chair and just writing any time i wanted and not having to live on someone else’s schedule.

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  2. I think my first view of success was seeing my first book listed on the Barnes & Noble website a few weeks ago. Even if it was self-published, it was a VERY long-standing goal for me (nearly two decades!!), and seeing that felt awesome. 🙂

    Long-term success looks like me repeating that on a consistent basis with newer books, I think.

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