Abandoned Art


I saw this quote floating around on Twitter, and it made me think on its true meaning:

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” -Leonardo da Vinci

Is there truth to this quote?  As artists (writers, poets, painters, photographers, actors, musicians, etc.), is it true that our work is never done?  Never completed?   Only abandoned?

I’m not sure how I should honestly feel about this.  Should this be a good thing?   Should I be concerned?  Sad?  Angry?

What do you think?




7 thoughts on “Abandoned Art

  1. You have to let go of it sometime or it will never be seen by the public. I never abandon my note books. I keep looking at them and I will find myself looking for a pen so I can add something or mark something out. Writers can correct something in a new edition or artists can paint a new picture and add some new idea to the next painting. You also have to quit at some point or your masterpiece will be too crowded or overdone. Great post.
    p.s. A lot of people may just want to move on to the next project, as they are burnt out on the current one. There is a web page of books the finish mid sentence. I had never really heard of that, but the sentence is half complete and the book is over.

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  2. Oh, I do believe art is finished. Abandoned – no! I’m an artist and have learned from experience that knowing when to stop is key. At a certain point, the painting loses it’s freshness and becomes overworked. It is very important with watercolors to stop. That is what I believe makes a great artist. It’s about having the vision to know when to stop, leaving the beautiful image intact.

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    • Mike, I do the same thing with my short stories and poems whenever I submit them to zines. What’s worse is when they publish a piece with “errors” which then haunts and irritates me! We’re such perfectionists as writers, eh? 🙂


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