Writers and Audio Books

In your opinion, do you think that listening to audio books can benefit you as a writer?  Why or why not?

In a future post, I’ll give you my thoughts on this; but first, I want to hear from you!


  1. Listening to an author create a sense of place or build a character from words, it’s as interesting to me as the plot or story line. It doesn’t matter if it’s read aloud in my car or read from a book in my home. I pick up ideas either way.

    My busy days are keeping me from sitting and reading so any time I can get in the car to run an errand, or drive to a job and can enjoy an author’s story telling, I’m in.

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  2. I love audiobooks and do feel that they help me as a writer. They don’t necessarily replace reading written words but rather serve as a compliment. I often listen first and then go back and read the print version for more depth — though not always. I certainly ingest more words and language than I would if I were strictly reading print. Mostly I’m grateful that audiobooks exist. They’ve allowed me access to books during phases of life where I wasn’t able to devour print books. If they hadn’t existed, my reading habits would have dwindled.

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