Writing and Mental Health

mental health

* Journal of Life-“A piece of fiction from Carrie Ann Golden; written as journal entries of a young lady struggling with mental illness/family.” –GFT Press

I wrote a short fiction for GFT Press which was published late last week.  I took various experiences from my past, and wrote them into this particular story of a young woman.  It doesn’t work for everyone, but writing can be used as a therapeutic tool while working through life challenges.

What about you?  Has writing helped you through various dark and troubling times in your life?


  1. Writing has helped me at times and other times has been more detrimental than good. Many times writing opens up too many things that really don’t need to be opened. Yes, it reveals things that might have been repressed, at the same time they are wounds that don’t need to be opened again.

    Basically, there are times when writing cleans and sutures wounds that need care. And, there are times when writing pulls out the sutures of wounds cared for and still healing. This is my experience.

    If I see my writing going very negative then I know I am pulling out sutures. If I see my writing expressing the feelings and working toward a place of healing, then I know that sutures are being placed within the wounds so they can heal.

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  2. You are absolutely right! And it’s so true. I journal, but there are some things I am still unable to journal about, even years after the fact. Maybe someday, or not. Thank you so much for this insight 🙂


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