Writing and Poor Grammar

Here’s a question for the experienced writers and authors.


If you chose “Not really,”  is there any hope for this writer then?



4 thoughts on “Writing and Poor Grammar

  1. To me, this question is deeper than it seems on the surface. My initial thought was, “Well, isn’t that kind of like asking if a carpenter can build a good house even if he doesn’t know how to use tools very well?”

    On the other hand, knowledge of basic grammar has nothing to do with crafting stories.

    But if an author isn’t even interested enough in craft to learn the basic tools of the trade, how is that person ever going to learn everything that is necessary to create stories?

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    • Your points are so valid! I believe all writers have weaknesses and strengths. For some this could be in the form of just not being good at grammar. Or perhaps they’re better at writing dialogues over describing a setting. I think it’s all about how we tell the story. Writers are, bottom line, storytellers. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  2. There are two parts to crafting a story. First you need a good narrative, a tale that people will want to experience. Second, you need to be able to tell your story. Even the best writers need the services of proofreaders and editors if the work is to be published, but I believe the writer also needs enough skill to give those people something that they can usefully work with.

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