Reality Versus Writing

Ever had a time during your life when writing (or whatever your artistic passion is) has become incompatible with reality?

It sucked, didn’t it?

I hope that like anything else, this only lasted for a season and that you were able to go back to it.

I went through my “incompatible” period not too long ago.

Two years ago actually.

Hubby was unemployed but in college working towards a formal science degree.  I was the only one working full-time (in the banking industry).  My vision was deteriorating, but I somehow managed to put in over 40 hours each week while suffering from terrible eye strains and painful migraines.  I had a young son, and a house to also take care of.  Whenever I tried to sit down to write, hubby or son always needed me for something.  Or, if I spent “too much time” writing, hubby would complain that my priorities were to my family and job since I wasn’t making any money with writing.

Then, my father became ill with an aggressive lung disease.  I would allot whatever free time I had to spend time with him.

It was during this period of my life when I had to choose between “reality” and writing.

Writing had to be put away.  I felt like I’d lost a piece of myself for doing so; but, still the choice had to be made.

My Dad passed away a short time afterwards.  Hubby graduated from college with honors, and is now working full-time as a federal employee.  And I’m “retired” from the workforce, and am home full-time.

With these now behind me, I have ample time to write again.


tough times never last
If you’re going through an “incompatible” period, just remember this quote…





  1. I can relate to this. I haven’t written my post for this but I’ve had to do this in the past year more often than I would like. I’ve struggled with saying it is okay that I only write my 500 words, which usually sucked. I had to say it is okay that I rested because the words wouldn’t come. I’m learning that the choice between writing and not taking care of my reality isn’t as difficult as I’ve made it in the past.

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  2. Define “work.” For that matter, define “reality.”

    Looking back over 45 years of adult life, there was an awful lot of time when I didn’t write–although story was always in my head. I told myself I “didn’t have time”–when I managed to have time for watching a re-run of Star Trek, or watching a hockey game, or playing a video game, or reading some other author’s story.

    What I found out for me is that it’s called “fear.” Self-centered fear. Fear that the boss will fire me. Fear that the Hubby will leave me. Fear that I’ll scar the kids for life. Fear that I might have to eat ramen for a month.

    Somehow I managed to do all those things–break up w/Hubby temporarily, get fired, scar the kids for life, eat ramen for a month–without writing a word of story. Why should I be afraid of writing any more? There’s nothing left to fear– I’ve achieved it all. And yet, writing is still one of the scariest things I do. From a standpoint of pure scariness, I’d rather solo hike all day in rattlesnake infested desert.

    An hour a day. Minimum. For me. Writing or editing or something. Because the story’s in my head, and it WILL torture me until I let it out.

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    • I understand the torture part. Story ideas and characters kept chattering at me ’till I about went crazy. I daydreamed instead of being productive (with the day job and house work) because I was “pent up.” I probably shouldn’t have allowed my family to dictate my writing life, but that’s now in the past and I’m moving forward 🙂


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