Every Writer Has a Superpower!

Do you know your storytelling superpower?

This superpower is tied very closely with your personality and your strength as a writer.   Gabriela Pereira over at DIY MFA created a quiz that writers can take to help them determine their own superpower as storytellers.

Would you like to know yours?

storytelling superpower quiz

Click on this image to take the quiz.



So, what’s my superpower?

It’s Survivor!

“You’ve got a penchant for characters who will do whatever it takes to survive….regardless of their situation, you’re drawn to creating characters your readers will admire for their pluck, determination, and sheer creative willpower.”

I have to be honest to say that I was completely amazed by the result as it clearly described my writing personality.  My characters tend to be fighting for survival or for acceptance in worlds that have changed in horrifying ways.   It also resonated with me in a very personal way as I have dealt with losses throughout my life.

For those who decide to take the quiz, please share with us what’s your storytelling superpower, and let us know if the result truly resonates with you as a writer.

7 thoughts on “Every Writer Has a Superpower!

  1. I got The Underdog!
    “You are the quintessential underdog storyteller and your superpower is creating relate-able characters who have a deep desire to change something in themselves or in the world around them. From rags-to-riches narratives to epic David-and-Goliath-style battles you craft stories with high stakes and compelling characters your readers can’t help but love.”

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