As a Writer: To Specialize or Not



Why is my blog titled “a writer and her adolescent muse?”

The title represents where I am as a writer.  Even though I’ve been writing on and off since I was eleven years old (in serious mode for the last nine years), I still consider myself an apprentice to the craft as well as a novice.   I am a published short story writer, poet, and essayist.  I enjoy writing stuff about zombies and various end-of-the-world scenarios.  I also find that I need to write about mental illnesses, disabilities and losses.  I am a sucker for all things romance (the clean kind), but have yet to write any true romance stories.  I’ve dabbled in screenwriting which came easy for me, and I found it very enjoyable and stimulating.   In the past three years, I have taken particular citizen journalist assignments which I found very exciting and enlightening.  I love blogging about all kinds of creative topics.  And lately, I’ve developed an obsession with Fanfiction.

Quite a variety, huh?

Variety is the spice of my life; however, I’m starting to wonder if I will ever specialize in a given form or niche; or will I end up being a sort of a “Jack of all trades and master of none” kind of writer?  As  I’m approaching mid-life, these thoughts are coming more often than not.  It’s down-right distracting.

Am I making a mountain out of a molehill?

What do you think?  Should all writers specialize?  Or is it okay to have various writing experience and skills?





9 thoughts on “As a Writer: To Specialize or Not

  1. I think that with anything, passion makes the difference. If you love writing and different topics suit you – then follow that. It is a beautiful thing to be inspired. The fact that you have many interests is wonderful!

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  2. Some writers find it easy to switch from genre to genre, poetry to pros, fiction to nonfiction. Although I can do it, it’s always uncomfortable for me and takes me a while to get settled into whatever I’m doing. My passionate interests last from two years to about fifteen. I write in my current interest until it fades and I pick up a new one.

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  3. I’m a very new romance writer and have so many ideas for books I want to write beyond romance! Aim starting with the ideas that need to get out if my head first, then planning on going down the list as time permits! I think variety is the spice of life ;o)

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  4. Hi Carrie. We all have different types of writing we like. If you like it, go for it. I think it was William Zinsser in On Writing Well who said “If you think movies are dumb, don’t write about them. The reader deserves a movie buff who will bring along a reservoir of knowledge, passion, and prejudice.” That was page 196 of my copy, and he was actually writing about writers who want to be critics or reviewers. I think it applies to almost anything, though. Emails, sales scripts, blogs, fiction, and more–it’s all fine as long as you like it (or at least wouldn’t rather be tortured instead). Thanks for the follow, too.


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