Questions for Self-Published Authors



I have two questions for those who have had their works self-published.

  1. Which self-publishing company or service would you recommend, and why?
  2. Which ones should I stay away from?Β 


Many thanks for your kind help!


7 thoughts on “Questions for Self-Published Authors

  1. I’m using Smashwords for the e-book side of things, and they’re excellent. They’re extremely helpful in guiding you through how to format everything. [And I mean *everything*, from the book cover to creating working table of contents links to the chapters.]

    They don’t exactly offer anything in the way of advertising your book, as that’s all on you, but the definite plus is that they make the eb00k available in ALL formats, including ePub, Kindle, Nook, and so on. Another plus is that they make it available to numerous platforms including B&N and Kobo — the latter is great because that means your book will also be available through independent brick-and-mortar stores that happen to sell e-books as well. They don’t upload to Kindle, but you can do that on your own via Amazon KDP with the right formatted document.

    Lastly — the royalties are pretty damn good! Since the work is mostly done on your own, you get close to 75% or so, and they get that 25%.

    I’ve only done CreateSpace for the physical trade copies of the books, which is through Amazon. Not exactly the best in terms of making money, but they do a good job walking you through the formatting/bookmaking process.
    Alternately, there’s BookBaby, which I hear very good things about but have not yet used myself.

    As for ones you should stay away from…? Good question. I’ve only used the two so far!

    Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

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  2. I use the Amazon family–KDP for e-books, Create Space for print copies, and Audible fr audiobooks. Because all three companies are owned by the same corporation, it I only have to set up an account once, and all three versions are available on the same page on Amazon.

    I’ve tried Barnes & Nobel and never made a single sale, I couldn’t get a file that was readable using Smashwords system. I couldn’t get Kobo to recognize my bank information in order to set up an account. So I use Amazon pretty much exclusively.

    The only companies that I would advise you to avoid are those that charge a fee to self-publish.

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  3. Like others, I use Kindle Direct Publishing, CreateSpace, and Smashwords. Using Smashwords commits you to NOT using DRM (i.e. copy protection.) Oh, you *could* put DRM on you Kindle version, but why bother when Smashwords doesn’t support it at all and all your Smashwords copies are out there bare?

    If you use Scrivener and have a Mac, I recommend Ed Ditto’s book, “How to Format Your Novel for Kindle, Nook, the iBookstore, Smashwords, and CreateSpace…in One Afternoon (for Mac)” — It explains the mysteries of Scrivener’s compile process very well. I don’t bother with iBooks or Nook directly, tho — I let Smashwords take care of that. Yes, I’ve had iBooks sales of my Smashwords edition, and confirmed that Barnes & Noble and Kobo both have my book on offer,

    Although CreateSpace is for print, I found that the process of working up a print format generally made my book file(s) cleaner and easier to publish for Kindle and Smashwords, but YMMV.


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