Writing: Take the pressure off yourself, and relax!





Every year right about this time I fall into a writing slump.

Burned out?

Hmm, nah I don’t think that’s it.

Writer’s block?

No, not that either.

January is usually a good month to sit back and review what the previous year had brought, and plan for the upcoming one. The thing is I have so many ideas and plans, I find myself “frozen” in place.

Indecisive as to which project to tackle first.

Ever find yourself in that position?

With the month more than half over, and I’ve yet to start on anything

I’m growing more frustrated with myself.

In come the comfort food…well, at least making sure I’m well-stocked on coffee, and hello Netflix, and let the binge watching commence.

Am I procrastinating now?

Hmm, perhaps, but I like to think I’m taking a break while allowing the Muse to percolate (so to speak) on the many ideas I have.

When she’s ready, I’m sure I will know it.


6 thoughts on “Writing: Take the pressure off yourself, and relax!

    • It’s difficult to have patience with oneself when you feel you should be constantly producing and creating. A break every once in a while is actually more productive than detrimental (as some may want to believe). All the best for you as well 🙂

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  1. I know that feeling all too well. I always say I’m going to write on my lunch hour, but then I never do…maybe reverse psychology will do the trick? 😉

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  2. My writing slumps tend to happen between spring and summer. Call or whatever you want, but I view it as downtime to refilling/replenishing your creative well before getting back into the writing saddle. Even if you’re not writing, as long as you’re thinking about writing, you have little to worry about it. Before you know it the words will flow and runneth over.


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