Writing: How Short Is “Too” Short?

Here’s a question I posed on Twitter the other day:

“Thinking out loud. Is it possible to write bite-sized and still make the kinds of impacts as the longer ones?

I tend to get myself into trouble when I think too much.  🙂

So, is it possible to write short-short stories (for instance, less than 100 words) that can be just as satisfying to read as the longer ones?



10 thoughts on “Writing: How Short Is “Too” Short?

  1. I think very short stories can sometimes be more impactful than longer ones. So much is left unsaid in the short ones, but they carry so much weight. It’s the difference between eating one chocolate out of the box and eating the whole box at once–pros and cons to both!

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  2. I think that it’s possible but it takes considerable practice and effort to write a very good bite-sized story. Anyone can be long winded and wax poetic but I think that it takes skill to write with brevity and still make a story truly shine.

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  3. Definitely think it’s possible. Also, there’s been a growing interest in writing micro stories. I believe it’s to a writer’s benefit to try writing micro fiction as it can also help tighten their storytelling.

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