Mental Health and Artistic Endeavors (Polls)



**More posts to follow on this subject.  Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Mental Health and Artistic Endeavors (Polls)

  1. This will be an interesting topic. I don’t suffer from any mental illnesses myself, but I work in mental health, and write on the side. Also there’s a considerable amount of mental health difficulty in my family, including my father and my ex-wife; my ex-wife in particular has a very severe case of schizoaffective disorder. She’s not particularly creative (no insult intended; her strengths lie elsewhere), but my dad–with major depressive disorder–is a fairly talented painter. It will be interesting to see how this squares up with what I see through family and work.

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  2. Life is a cyclical journey through different emotions; insanity is when you get stuck in one. ~ ME. Emotions and moods can be beneficial in writing. For me to write poetry, I have to be in a melancholic mood; for novels, a state of contentment; and essays are dependent upon the topic. Being out in the country as you are, harness your moods to maximize your creativity. I lived in the country after retiring from the military and found myself most creative then. A stroke forced me to move closer to ‘civilization’. Although I live in a suburban area now, I still own land in the country where I can retreat to re-center my soul.
    God Bless, R. I.

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