Writing: Moments


“Within seconds…”

“For a moment…”

“In any given moment…”

“Seconds later…”

“After several minutes passed…”

There are times, certain thoughts pass through my mind about writerly stuff and this morning was no exception.  I’ve been writing for this month’s Camp NaNoWriMo, and I love using the above phrases and word selection.  However, this morning, I thought–

“What exactly is a moment?”

Is it the same as minute or even second?

Or, is it something deeper?

Your thoughts?










6 thoughts on “Writing: Moments

  1. I use a moment as a synonym for second, when I’m wanting to sound less technical (e.g. a fantasy story vs a sci-fi story). But, as you point out, a moment isn’t pinned down the way the more technical measures of time are, so it gives greater flexibility (to the author and the reader), and its length and “flavour” will ultimately be determined by the context.

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  2. I use “moment” to mean “second” in general, but there are times when it sounds more formal, other times when it sounds less formal. There are times when it just sounds right, and now that you mention it, does anyone really know how long a moment lasts?

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