#ThursdayThoughts: What IS Success?


Many writers feel that touching even one life is success.  Not by how many books one published, or by how many awards one garnered; although these are VERY nice to have.

For some writers, writing goes much deeper than any physical items or accolades.   It’s about using their gifts as storytellers,  healers, change-makers for the sake of others.

Success is based on the number of lives impacted.

What about you?  How do you view success as a writer?


  1. I feel successful as a writer if I am reaching people; teaching them something or giving them comfort in some way. I also feel successful when I am actually writing instead of just calling myself a writer, which I have done for very long stretches when felt I had lost my voice. What makes you feel successful as a writer Carrie Ann?

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    • Similar to you 🙂 I’ve always wanted to use my writing to touch people in some ways and if I do then I feel I’ve been successful. I’m also looking to hopefully to traditionally publish a book (still needs to be written) and once I’ve done this, I will also feel like I’ve been successful. I suppose the term “success” will change as I continue on this writerly path. 🙂

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