What If There Was No Internet?


What if there was no internet?  Whether it crashed due to an electromagnetic storm, or a massive meteor shower took out most of the satellites…and the internet is now GONE.

As a writer, how would you function?  How would you go about sending out your stories to the world?

Would you still keep writing?

So many completely rely on technology (namely internet) to get things done, and to communicate with others.   Would we be able to revert back to the “old” ways of doing things?

Scary thoughts?



  1. In my former life (engineer) I’ve seen&contributed to some parts of it.
    It was designed to withstand a nuclear strike.(self healing)
    So that implies a far worse situation, like no connectivity at all (mobile/land lines) AND no stable electricity grid.

    In such dystopian situation, who could afford to write at all, when everyone is trying to stay alive? Few, I dare to say.
    With all printers stopped, and no paper/ ink produced, your casted back to medieval situations: story telling.

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    • You bring up some very good points. If we revert back to the dark ages, we’ll be mostly concerned about surviving. And with nothing to write our words down, we’re left to storytelling. At least we’d still find ways to tell our stories. 🙂


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