Difficult Writing Process (Poll Results)


The other day I posted a poll (both here and on Twitter) asking which part of the writing process was the most difficult.

Here are the results.


Marketing 51%

Rev/Edit 21%

Writing the story 21%

Coming up w/ idea 7%



Marketing 56%

Rev/Edit 22%

Coming up w/ idea 11%

Writing the story 11%

Overwhelmingly, marketing seems to be the most difficult for writers.  The reasons?  There could be many.

One could be that the writer is an introvert, and finds the social media intimidating.  And speaking of social media, there are thousands and thousands of writers and authors on them trying to get their books and stories out in the world.  With all that noise, how does one writer or author find a way to stand out and be noticed?

What’s even more frustrating is that it doesn’t matter if you’re traditional or self-published, you’re still expected to do most of the marketing.

How does one even start?

Here’s an article I found that offered some insights: Marketing Your Books


According to these results, coming up with a story idea doesn’t seems to be that big of an issue for most writers.  I suppose what could be problematic is choosing which idea to use.  Which one will readers want to read?  Which one will I want to write a book-length manuscript, and not get bored half-way through?

For me personally, at this point in my writing career, the editing/revision is the most difficult part.  It’s like trying to get a donkey to do something it really doesn’t want to do.  Yeah, I can be that kind of a donkey.



4 thoughts on “Difficult Writing Process (Poll Results)

  1. Very interesting results! Like you say, with marketing it’s like trying to be the tallest meerkat in a massive gang of them. Content is what makes you stand out I’d say. There’s no quick solution. Work hard on your content and make connections with your readers is all you can keep on doing.

    Great idea with the poll! Very insightful.

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    • I like your analogy! There’s definitely no quick solution. I think part of it is “how” you present the content and not just the “kind” of content you have on hand. One almost has to take a few marketing classes in order to try and get a leg up in this industry.

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      • Definitely. Something I’ve learned the hard way. Just began educating myself on the subject. Reading Your First 1000 Copies by Tim Grahl at the mo. You read it? Any you’d recommend?


  2. Marketing is a way different critter than writing, and being good at one doesn’t make you good at the other. I know I’ve learned a lot and still have a lot to learn about marketing, and some of the most effective stuff is so not me that I just won’t do it, even if it would sell more books. @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act


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