Dark Places #WEPFF: Black Heart


Today, I’m participating in the above contest/bloghop for WEP (aka Write…Edit…Publish).


Black Heart


Real love I’m undeserving of 

as torment and abuse 

are all I’m able to offer 



Such a sweet angelic soul 

he was 

I allowed fear and envy 

to rule 



Now standing at his final  

resting place 

pain, regret, tears fill my core  



Darkness now my only 


life ever fleeting 


can’t come soon enough 

for this black-hearted bitch


  1. I agree that photo is the perfect backdrop/introduction for your poem. Which I loved, but the truly black heart would have no regrets. So there’s hope for me, I mean, her, yet! 🙂
    Love it!
    Thanks for participating in the WEP Halloween Challenge, love poetry and especially during Halloween. So much said in so few words! Great impact!

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  2. Love, who understands
    Named by millions
    Missed used by more
    No two the same
    Yet we seek it
    Long for it
    Even kill
    In hopes to find it
    If by chance we do
    We’ll toss it aside
    Lost in some concept
    Never finding the truth

    My hat is off to you for is not hate and love the same.

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  3. When I got to the end of your poem, I thought of self´hatred. For a woman or any person to feel black hearted they must hate themselves very much. Your poem had me thinking deeply. In my opinion, death is no victory.
    Oh, and I like the picture. It is suited to the darkness of the poem.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia

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  4. Hi Carrie – the picture is perfect … and I too love you put forward a poetry entry – the black hearted bitch is rarin’ to go … I’m sure there’s more to her story than this – excellent writing … cheers Hilary

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  5. Hi Carrie Ann. I’m sorry for being so late with my comments but I’m still recovering from an overseas trip and am struggling on little sleep. However, I’ve been reading entries and waited until I was fully conscious to comment, LOL!

    As some previous commenters have said, we love poetry entries as most of us are prose writers. Poems can cut deeply with so few words and so many emotions. Loved your poem. The black hearted bitch got to me. I felt sorry for her feeling so hateful, well encapsulated by your well-chosen visual. ‘Darkness now my only

    companion. Perfect for the Dark Places prompt.

    Lovely that you launched out after being an observer at WEP. I hope you enjoy the experience and join us again in December.

    Denise 🙂

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