Writing: Slow Starts


Snow came way early this year in my neck of the woods (as shown above).  In fact, here in North Dakota, we went directly from summer to winter.  There was NO fall.   According to the local weatherman, we’re to get an additional 3-6 inches of the white stuff between today and Sunday.


Originally, I’m a northern-climate gal having been born near the border of Quebec, and grew up in the Adirondacks so I’m no stranger to the cold and snow.  However…I spent nearly 15 years in North Carolina before moving up here so my body is still trying to get re-acclimated to the changes.

I’ll get there eventually.  🙂

Whether it’s the sudden changes or getting older (I’ll take the former thank you very much), I’ve been slow getting started with NaNoWriMo this year.

Sitting at 500 words on day 3 kind of slow.

But, at the very least, it’s a start.

I will be working on two writing projects.  One’s projected to be about 7,500 words while the other around 10,000 so most likely I won’t win this year.  That’s okay just as long as I get the drafts of these two completed by November 30.

The 7,500-word novelette is inspired by the TV show, Deadly Women, I binge watched the past several months.  It’ll be a slightly different genre than I’m used to writing, but so far, an enjoyable experience.  I plan to post the synopsis later this month.  My goal for this story is to hopefully either self-publish it, or place it on Channilo.  In the past, majority of the stories I wrote have been horror and/or young-adult with sprinklings of science fiction and fantasy.   This particular story is Suspense/Thriller with some Romance.

Stay tuned.

The second project is a serial fiction I started last year called, The Hidden Realm, which is a fantasy/horror story.

Click on image to start reading it


During this month, I plan to finish writing the second half of Part One.   Writing serial fiction is tricky for multiple reasons; one being that it requires long-term commitment to post a new installment in a timely manner until either the story’s completed, or you give up on it.   I’ve written several in the past, and gave up on them all mostly because I either got bored with it, or got stuck on the storyline.  I hope by writing large blocks of the story in a short time and then posting them in small increments will enable me to actually finish this one.

We’ll see.


I will post more on both stories throughout the month of November.


What about you?  What are you working on this month?






  1. Starting is always the hardest part. I struggled to get going today but I’ve hidden by word counter and managed to clock up a few hundred.

    I’ve always struggled to keep it up but since NaNo has begun my difficulties have melted away. Maybe it’s the discipline element.

    Don’t beat yourself up! You’ve set your own word target so just aim for that! You’ll nail it I’m sure. Good luck!


  2. First of all, good luck with NaNo. I’m with you with 50k word count goal. I don’t have enough creativity to warrant a novel by any stretch. But I will be focused on writing more short stories during this month. And with enough encouragement, I’ll submit one of them to a writing contest or to be considered for publication. Working the nerve to submit something is the hardest part for me. I have an extreme fear of failure. But there are so many people who believe in me and my work. I figure it’s worth trying.


  3. Hooray for you for so many reasons! First, if you finish both your projects, that’s a win! Second, I think it’s awesome that you’re stretching yourself by trying out a new genre. That’s sure to help you improve every aspect of your writing. Love the photo! I know you’re in North Dakota (and I’m sorry you’ve got snow already, but isn’t that sort of normal for November in your neck of the woods), but that picture reminds me so much of my Grandparents farm in Iowa. I’ve never heard of Chanillo until now. Quick glance at the website has piqued my curiosity, though. One question for you: where did you get that spiffy NaNo word count tracker I see in the sidebar? That’s wicked cool. Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your NaNo adventure. Happy writing to you. 🙂


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