Writing: Would You Do Things Differently If You Could Go Back In Time?

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This month IWSG question is: if you could backtrack and do things differently as a writer, would you? 


Wow, this is a loaded question.  One I have pondered on and wondered about from time to time.  Who hasn’t?  Especially now that I’m in my mid (ish) 40s, this question keeps popping up in my mind.

My first inclination is to say “Yes!”

I’d have attended SUNY Potsdam (only) majoring in Journalism instead of bouncing around at least six different colleges and ending up with a degree in Physical Education (which I barely used).

As a journalist, I would have traveled the world.  In this reality, I’ve only visited one other country…Canada.

Perhaps I’d even started my own magazine or newspaper company.  Or, maybe even branched off into the publishing industry and became an editor or something.

And just perhaps I’d ended up living in Boston (one of my fave cities) where I’d pen my first and break-through novel that landed me on the New York Times’ Bestselling List.

If I’d done all the above, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

As a writer.  As a poet.

A mother.

A wife.

Living on a small farmstead in eastern North Dakota of all places 🙂  Writing full-time at home.

I’m richly blessed.  I don’t think I would give this life up to relive it as a different person.  It’s nice to dream about it, but that’s it, just a dream.

I like this reality better.

What about you?  If you had the opportunity to go back and do anything differently as a writer, would you do it?





  1. My first thought was probably not, at least as a writer. Though, to nit pick, I can think of some instances where I might have made better marketing decisions on individual stories (but also some where I really lucked out, so who’s to say even then). Still, bottom line, I a who I am, including having a Stoker nomination a few years ago and hoping for another this year, so if I’m not rich (or my name a household word either) I’m still living comfortably and with some pride — and I think that that’s something.

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  2. Hi Carrie Ann! I feel richly blessed too. Even when I have challenges, they turn out to be positive in the long run because I learn and grow from them. Wishing you continued blessings and happiness during the holiday season.

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  3. That’s true. If all of our dreams had come true, we wouldn’t be who we are today. I wonder what we would be like, though. But that’s not the point, is it? Those things didn’t happen so there’s no dwelling on it. 🙂

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  4. If anything I’d like to go back to add Library Science as a major. That way I’d have a double major Library Science and English (writing track). Maybe keep my Mass Communication minor too. I’d definitely try harder to get internships in the publishing industry too. Learn from their side how works get published and be part of that process. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be writing though.


  5. There are loads of things I think I would do differently but then, like you I would be the person I am today. The one thing I wish I could back and is to stop worrying about things so much, nearly always it wasn’t as bad as I thought.


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