The Power Of One’s Imagination

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I’ve met countless writers and creatives from various artistic backgrounds who hailed how one’s imagination and dreams have enabled them to heal from painful and traumatic experiences.

Can a mind be that powerful?

Personally, my answer to this is Yes!

With the number of violent incidents increasing in our nation, I believe that having art of all kinds (music, drama, writing, etc.) included in all schools and colleges.  To go one step further, we should also have Art Therapy in schools.

With everything being so structured these day (structured play-if any, structured classes, structured lunchtimes, video games are also structured, and on and on), for a kid to utilize his own imagination to create play, a new game, an imaginary place or person, is becoming a lost and untapped ability.  An ability that will become crucial at various events of one’s life.  The ability to transfer oneself out of a stressful circumstance and into a place of magic, safety and love.  Even if only for the briefest of moment this will allow one to reset the mind (and emotions) and be better equipped to deal with the current situation.

Meditation. Strumming on a guitar. Singing.  Journaling.  Doodling or sketching.

Children and adults who’ve been abused, or had a traumatic experience tend to heal better through Art Therapy. There’s also Poetry Therapy.  Music Therapy. Journal Therapy.  The list could go on. These types of therapy enable one to express the pain and abuse in other ways where words may have failed.

For me, journaling and writing poetry have been cathartic and healing as I worked through the various losses I’ve experienced.  Without them, I don’t think I’d feel as emotionally and mentally whole as I do today.

What about you?  Have any of these above helped you through a challenging time?




  1. We use to go visit my grandparents when I was a child and I would look out the window and think. We had no cell phones and no video games and no dvd players in the car. It would be another 10 years before vcr rentals appeared. I had all the time in the world to simply think. It was good for me and without knowing it, I was cultivating my creativity.

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  2. I experienced a very traumatic childhood and used my imagination to survive. There was always a safe place to go – I would fly through the sky or pretend I was a wild horse on the wild prairie, or create the perfect park in my mind, complete with Kentucky bluegrass and shiny slides and rocking turtles, bunnies, lions, tigers and bears. Without that training, I doubt I’d be a fiction writer today – the most fun in my life.

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  3. Music, poetry, art, have always been my escape and outlet. I would play my guitar and write songs while my dog listened and my parents watched the moon landing in black and white in the living room. Different times.

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  4. I relate to this post so much. Thanks for sharing. When I lost my Father in December 2015 I began writing poetry every day and haven’t stopped since. My poetry helps me process my emotion and share my voice. I am so grateful for this outlet! I have a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to look? Have an energising day! Sam 🙂

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