#IWSG A Rainy Day For This Writer

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This month’s question: When your writing life is a bit cloudy or filled with rain, what do you do to dig down and keep on writing?


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I’m experiencing this weather phenomenon right now.  If you look out my window, you’ll see the partially bare ground laced with dirty snow.   The air is frigid as the arctic breeze sweep through the barren trees that pepper our farmstead.

It’s April, but winter is sticking around.

I’ve been cooped up indoors for months.  I leave the house only once a week for grocery shopping, and that’s it.

No fresh air.  No real exercise (the treadmill only goes so far).

Depression is settling in heavy, and affecting my writing life.

With several projects lined up to be worked on, all I’ve done is watch medical dramas on Hulu.

I feel the dark clouds billowing over my head as I ignore the jabbering of characters in my mind.   Rain comes in form of tears as the frustration (with myself) grows.

I must find a way to jump-start my writing.

Writing is my sun.  My fresh air.

But right now, the storm clouds are winning.

Bottomline, the problem is I’m a writer with very little outside contact (other than family members).  No one to spur me on with a pep talk or encouragement.  Being a shut-in (self imposed), there is no one to blame for my predicament other than myself.

Granted, I can’t just hop in a car and drive because of my blindness.


There is this lovely thing called technology that allows one to keep connected with people from all walks of life.  This for me has been a blessing.

So, instead of wallowing in self-pity, I’m here, blogging, and in essence, writing which is all the kick in the pants I need for the clouds to roll back, and allow the sun to peek through.




  1. Carrie Ann, I totally get it! I am in a similar place right now, minus the winter in April part. I am actually already starting to dread the summer, which I find creatively stifling. Also a self imposed shut in (I prefer to be at home) and unable to hop in the car and go somewhere(the blindness thing), I know it can be challenging. Then I think about writers like Emily Dickenson who wrote brilliantly and was a total introvert. I have been getting a lot of rejections lately and feeling like I wouldn’t be able to write anything even partially decent ever again. I wasn’t feeling blocked, just blah. So, I decided to force myself to do the April Visual Verse challenge and got a poem down on the page and felt better. It helps to just do it, even when we aren’t feeling it.

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    • Writing is wonderfully cathartic isn’t it? If a day goes by and I haven’t created anything, I tend to feel miserable. It’s a pent-up feeling and I dislike it very much. So happy that you were able to write that poem 🙂 I know how you feel when it come to rejections but don’t give up! Keep submitting. Your work will find a home. 🙂

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  2. I hear you! When we lived in upstate NY, man! That was rough. I found that I need sunshine to write as much as writing is my sunshine. Actually, my kids are my sunshine, but writing is up there. 😉

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  3. Hello, Carrie Ann! This is my first time here. I’ll follow your blog and connect with you online.

    Funny that New Jersey has had a horrible beginning to spring what with 3 snowstorms already! My poor Easter flowers. And every time the magnolia trees try to uncover their buds, we get more snow. The forecast calls for snow again on Saturday. Winter can’t last much longer, can it? I’m praying for you, Carrie Ann!

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    • Thank you, Victoria, for stopping by 🙂 Yeah, I think we’re all hoping that the weather will improve soon , and no more snow ’till next winter! 🙂 I’ll be sure to visit your blog soon!


  4. I love rainy days, but then I live in Australia where we hardly get any rain at all, so it’s a refreshing change from the constant sun and heat! But I know how you feel. I have a sun sensitivity and I live in the worst place in the world for UV radiation. I can’t really go out much during the day, or at least I can’t be in the sun for very long. I live a couple blocks from the beach and I rarely get to go.

    Recently I bought a little Windows 10 tablet with a detachable keyboard. It’s like having a mini laptop. Perfect size for taking to the library or cafe or somewhere I can just write in a different environment. Maybe something like that can help?


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