Friday Fun (A Story Prompt Challenge #6)

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free Images


For this week’s image, write a micro-story (less than 100 words) or a poem, and post it in the comment section below.

Deadline is 11:59pm Monday.

For all entries a poll will be created and the one with the most votes, wins!  For the winning piece, a short video will be created.

Enjoy!  🙂


  1. On his tenth birthday, Bobby was given a sweet white puppy. He named it Fang.They were inseparable at first. Bobby’s Aunt Elizabeth was a witch and she didn’t like dogs. She put a spell on Fang, causing him to grow by leaps and bounds. One day, Fang bounded off , never to return. Eight years later, Bobby found his faithful friend asleep on an enchanted plateau of dried up mud. Immediately, he lay down to photograph his old friend. Sadly, Fang had grown ten times larger than he had been, and when he awoke, he was very hungry …

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  2. I snapped a screenshot of the sleeping wolf I dreamed up. Dream files were hard to find upon awakening, but I needed the proof for my sleep doctor.

    “Why do you do this?”

    The wolf lifted an eyelid. “Everyone knows androids dream of electric sheep. I scare your sheep off, so I’m obviously a nightmare.”

    I stood and dusted off my dream-simulation’s pants. “Logically, I can just leave, since I already have the picture. My sleep doctor will believe me now.”

    The wolf opened its maw and yawned. “I don’t mind if you run from your problems. See you tomorrow.”


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