#IWSG: Jumpstarting The Writing Process

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This month’s question: How do you jump-start your writing after a hiatus?


I know. I’m a day late this month. I have a good reason.

Honest! 🙂

It’s a reason, but probably not a good excuse.

Oh, well.

Back in July I left North Dakota and flew down to North Carolina to spend time with my Mom.  About two weeks worth.

Two full weeks without any substantial writing.

I had bought a 5-subject notebook with every intention of filling it up with written words.

Instead, I wrote maybe three pages of short poetry.

Nothing substantial at all.

Yesterday I flew back home.

Today, as I stare at the computer monitor I find myself wondering…where do I start?

When I left two weeks ago, I suddenly dropped all the projects I was working on and took a vacation.  Now, I have no idea on how restart the writing process.

I have lists of what need to be done, but it’s like I’ve hit this wall that I can’t seem to break through to that creative well of inspiration and energy to get the imaginative juice flowing again.


What about you? How do you get back in to your writing groove after a long break?


  1. I hope you break through that block!

    I think for me, if I reread what I’ve written, it kind of reminds me of where I had wanted to go. Or I just spend time drawing and doing other crafts while mulling over the story in the back of my head.


  2. Been there so many times I’ve lost count.

    I like Loni’s suggestion. It only takes a seed to get moving again. Sometimes I break out the list of emotional concepts, and often I bounce between stories until the spark ignites. The key is to go with it. If all you can get is 100 words down, awesome. The next day, you’ll probably get 150. Just keep building and retraining the brain into familiar pathways, and eventually you’ll be cruising. And don’t get down on yourself. Stress and depression really do kill the muse.

    Wishing you epic success!


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