Friday Fun (A Story Prompt Challenge #8)



You’re face to face with a large creature…

Write what happens next in less than 100 words.  You’ll have until 11:59pm EST Monday to do it!

All entry items will then be compiled in to a poll, and voted on.  Winner will see his/her story in video format.

Have fun!

One comment


    Mantar whistled again and this time was rewarded when the great creature raised its head and began to shamble forward. One step, two steps, trumpeting its rage when, suddenly, one foot broke through the ground’s thin, hard surface, followed by a second, a third, as the now helpless beast became hopelessly mired in the swamp beneath.

    Mantar, safe on the rock he had chosen, smiled. After he and the others had butchered the meat, there’d be food enough for the village to last for nearly a week.


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