#IWSG: What Are Your Thoughts On Social Online Publishing Platform?

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The question of the month is: what are your thoughts on social online publishing platform?



Seriously.  What do you think about using sites like the ones above for publishing your stories (novels included)?

Good idea?  Bad?

I’ve used them periodically on and off for several years now. For me, they help me work on a book chapter by chapter while getting feedback.  Especially with sites like Wattpad or Writerscafe, I can find out if a particular storyline has true potential, or needs to go back to the “drawing board,” and for most of the ones I’ve done, scrapped altogether.

By posting/publishing stories/books on these places do they hurt your chances of finding a traditional publisher?

I don’t think so.

I used these sites to write my first draft.  And if I seriously want to find a traditional publisher for a particular story, I’d take it down before performing the heavy-duty editing/revising.

Heck, there’s been several writers on Wattpad who actually were approached by one of the big publishing houses to have their book published with them, and even a few had their stories optioned for television and big screen film.

It’s a new world out there (well, not truly “new” per say but the rules have changed). This is truly one of the best times to be a writer.

So, what about you? Any thoughts?  Have any personal experiences with any one of these sites?




    • It really depends on the type of story/book you publish (am speaking mainly of Wattpad here) as stated by another commenter the majority of the audience there are younger than 25 y/o so stories that gravitate towards them as the audience tend to do well (just from what I’ve seen thus far). My story is a scifi/thriller so it may not do as well as these, but I do get feedback and hits (as of today I’ve posted five chapters and have several comments and nearly 90 hits/reads). Wattpad do offer opportunities though to boost your hits. I have another book just started with Channillo and at this point, the debate’s still out there. Writerscafe is a great place to get feedback from other writers. Here, generally, the more you read and review stories, many of these writers will reciprocate.

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  1. WattPad has a young audience. Mostly teens, but anyone can sign up. It’s a platform that has writers of every level. People read your stuff and then ‘like it.’ It becomes a rivalry for the most likes. It can’t hurt being on it.

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  2. I haven’t tried any of these sites, but it’s definitely a new world for writers out there. I had a literary agent tell me that traditional publishers actually want new writers to self-publish first. They want to see how well we do on our own and then help us get to the next level once we’ve proven ourselves.

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  3. I haven’t published on any social media sites yet. I’m not afraid of negative feedback, or of giving it, but I’ve seen some awfully abusive comments on sites like those. The writing world is changing, and have been thinking of places like this. Nice to know it does help a writer.

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