#IwSG Computer and Writing Woes

It seems that the hard drive on my computer has crashed. So am writing this post on my tablet which isn’t fun nor easy. I’m unsure if my computer is salvagable. Thank goodness I had most of my stuff backed up. For the time being I might not be posting as often until I have a working computer.  Hello notebook. Oh and hello books I’ve been meaning to read. 😃



Anyone else been in this predictament before? How did you handle it?









  1. Thankfully, no I haven’t been in that predicament yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. And it’s been a while since I backed up my stuff. I should probably do something about that…


  2. I’ve been there. Hopefully you can fix it quickly. I write my novels long hand first, but get extremely frustrated when I can’t type it fast when it’s still fresh so I can edit. Happy IWSG!


  3. It is definitely no fun, however the Local Library was optional. Longhand of course. I have a friend that her employer let borrow an older one from work .
    Takes a little longer on phone, but it is same


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