Back Home

*Author’s note: this is still raw and I feel also incomplete. I’m not sure whether this should be a poem, or perhaps a song. 

Back home
where the peaks call me by name
the clear rivers–
their music soothe my soul

Back home
where I can wrap myself
in the blanket
of childhood memories

I used to walk down to the rapids
just a stone throw away
from the house
built by Daddy’s hands

There, dreams were born
and love rekindled

Back home
where my roots
began, and where I hope
my tired bones will be
laid to rest one day

Back home
where my heart has
always yearned for

No matter how far away
my feet may have traveled

There’s no place like it
where I can find
solace and peace
for this weary body

Back home
where my roots began

I’m back home

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