Dead birds
Circled the base of the oak tree
Like some morbid decorated rug

Bodies, eyes as black as onyx
Like mini-devils in disguise

Snow lined the opalescent horizon
Like some smeared prismatic lense

My heart’s an icicle waiting to break
Like the diamond under a hammer

Like a message from some deep dungeon

I know what awaits me
-a box in shape of the reaper

*Author’s Note: This poem was written for the #WEPFF’s April Challenge (Click on image below).


  1. I like this on so many levels – the way it builds towards its climax, the structure with its repetition of a simile at the end of the tercets, the imagery overall but especially of the dead birds. Well crafted and clever. Great to see a poetry entry for this prompt. And kudos on combining both the challenges!

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  2. Hi Carrie Ann – that was a gruesome poem … I’m quite glad it’s daylight. But the box in the shape of the reaper is a little much. Good for you though … and I like the combination of your poem with the storyline … dead end one, though it may be. Cheers Hilary

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  3. I am at a loss for words. Stunning!
    I love dark poetry. People are always trying to “save” me because of how much of it I write. I don’t want to be saved.


  4. Way to go for doing a poetry entry. I love your take on the “box” prompt. This is very dark, but also lovely. Not my usual read, but quite rhythmic and enjoyable.


  5. Hi Carrie Ann. Love the poetry, especially the opening…’Dead birds
    Circled the base of the oak tree
    Like some morbid decorated rug…’ Never would have thought of that image, but it’s perfect. Yours is the first poem I’ve read this challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Wish there were more. Great combo of both challenges!

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  6. The imagery and the way you have put the words together were so beautiful even though the theme you chose was a dark one. You’ve done a great job and it is a good poem.


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