Caged Bird #Poetry #WEPFF #WEP #IWSG

It happened again
I feel so bruised. Battered.
Each word cutting, slashing
How one’s tongue can hold such power
Damaging. Damning.
More so than a hand. Yes, even more so than a sword.
I lie here, on the bed, trying to catch a breath
In between gasping sobs
He’d promised
I should have known better
My eyes sweep across the four walls
Their lavender-blue hues once beautiful
Now they’re nothing but bars
And I’m their prisoner
Oh how I long for freedom
To sing and to fly
However or wherever I wish
I should have known better
No sooner had I accepted the yellow ring
He clipped my radiant wings
And now I sit here like
A caged bird
With dying dreams of lofty peaks and open skies



*Author’s Note: This poem was written for the following writing challenge:

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  1. Carrie Ann, I don’t think you’ve yet begun reading the responses to this theme (I’ve just been going through making sure I haven’t missed any and was delighted yours was now live). Why I say this, is that probably the majority of us have written our ‘caged bird’ to be a woman suffering DV. Your poem encapsulates the whole spectrum. It resonated with me. We all know someone in this situation, sadly. However, it is not easy for a woman to up and leave. Where will she go? In Brisbane where i live, there is not enough available to battered women, whether physical or mental. Only one third of women who pack up and leave find a safe place to stay while they look at their often very slim options. Oh it’s so cruel, but women have always suffered in this way. I know. I know. A few men too, but that is quite rare. It’s the women getting killed (one per week in Australia) by their partners even when they have that useless piece of paper called a restraining order.

    Sorry. It’s just been so harrowing reading all these sad stories and knowing there’s very little hope for women who are like your poem subject.

    Thanks for the first poem this challenge and what a powerful, emotional one.


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  2. This poem is so heartbreaking and real. So many people have found themselves in this situation, and you did a wonderful job of capturing the emotions that come along with such abuse. Well done!

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  3. Hi Carrie Ann – so well written … heartbreaking as many of us have come to express with this prompt. Such a good succinct take on the theme … a golden band can tie people down can’t it … well done – very good – cheers Hilary

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  4. This is true for way too many women. Domestic abuse has been a recurring motif in this challenge and it makes for a difficult read, any kind of violence or abuse does. So many factors keep victims in their cages.

    Well done on capturing the despair in poetry.

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