Tuesday YouTube: Overboard (Film Remake)

A quick video on my thoughts in regard to the film remake of Overboard.

How about you? Did you like or dislike the remake?







  1. I didn’t see this one yet. I liked the old one . . .and I LOVE Eugenio Derbez (though I’ve never seen any of his work in English). But I worried the storyline would feel odd now with my twenty-first century ideas about consent and honesty . . .

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    • I’ve never seen Derbez until this movie. He is a good actor, and funny. Just when paired with Anna Faris I just didn’t feel that chemistry as much as I’d hoped. In this one they reversed the roles as compared to the original which was neat. I think the script could have been made much better overall but if you’re into rom-com, this is a cute one.


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