What’s To Expect for November (on my blog)

It’s the first day of a new month; but it isn’t just any month. It’s National Novel Writing Month!


I’ve been participating in this on and off since 2008. I think I won at least two. Even though the goal for NaNo is to write 50k words but the real importance of this is that it “forces” you to sit down and write.

Key word is write.

So, write I am.

This year I will be writing a short book (more than likely this will end up less than 50k but that’s okay!). A Christmas Romance, Ginger’s Christmas.  Here is the cover I have designed:


Created on Canva














So, what should you expect to see here for the next 30 days?

I plan to update my progress periodically as well as give more information on this story. There will also be several interviews with writers who are also participating in NaNo.

What about you? Are you doing NaNo this year? I’d love to hear more about it!

It’s time to get back to writing!




























Love to Hear from You!

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