#IWSG Oh I Am Feeling So Frustrated! #Writing #Amwriting (or not)

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Where did the month go? I’d nearly forgotten what day it was!

Life has been stressful this past 30 plus days which has kept me from truly focusing on writing. And I really wanted to go all out for this year’s NaNoWriMo but, that never really happened.

Oh well.  Perhaps next year.

How do writers who are also parents, a spouse, with full time jobs find the mental energy or ability to keep the focus until a project or book is done? I’d really love to know!




  1. Carrie Ann, many have too many demands on their time, some don’t have enough and feel lonely. I don’t feel a day is complete if I don’t make time to write something. I take a day off each week where I try to spend time with all the people who want to spend time with me, but every other day I try to write for as many hours as I can. I always have this quote in my head: “People make time for the things they want to make time for.” It helps me stay focused.

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  2. There’s always giving up sleep, which I’ve tried, but that hasn’t worked well at all. Thanks for posting on Facebook so some of us could stop by! And good luck with carving our writing time.


  3. If you’re like me, you tend to put all of your other responsibilities first and writing last. My advice is to let writing become a priority – allow yourself to set aside even just one hour a day for writing, and carve that time in stone. Set all other responsibilities aside for those 60 minutes – they’ll be waiting for you when you’re done.

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  4. Keep heart Carrie Ann. All in good time. Nanowrimo is a very daunting project to commit to. Maybe you’ll consider it later when your children have grown and flown. Your dreams and goals will be fulfilled all in good time. In French, we have a saying that I like, ‘ patience et longueur de temps ‘ . Literally ‘ patience and length of time ‘.
    Sit down, relax and enjoy the holiday season. Merry Christmas. See you on WEP Footprints ?


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