Fun #Writing For the Holidays

Now that it’s the holiday season I went back to a story I began nearly four years ago.

It’s not in the usual traditional style; instead I’m telling it through a site called Commaful.





Commaful contains bite-sized multimedia fiction.  These stories are not only the written kind, but also include images and/or audio which I love because these stories feel more alive.

My story is called, The Last Child, a Fantasy-Adventure with elements of horror sprinkled in.  It follows a young preteen, Miki, who became the lone survivor of a virulent epidemic that wiped out nearly everyone.  A man who calls himself Santa Claus rescues her and brings her to a magical land in time to celebrate Christmas with its inhabitants.  The day was blissful but it will come to an abrupt end when a terrifying creature pays them a visit.

I’m writing this for fun and as a pantser.  It’s a nice way to end the year.

Click on image for the story over on Commaful








What about you? What are you working on this month?






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