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2019 – Out With the Old


This past year was a frustrating year for me as a writer. Mainly because I didn’t get as much writing done as I’d hoped.  It was also the first year I had nothing published (short story or poem) – (started publishing short works in 2008).  Granted the year began with my husband being furloughed by the Federal Government (for over 30 days). So having him around put a serious crimp in my creativity and ability to be able to get in the zone.

However, I did write lots of poetry between February and April.   These I may go back to edit/revise and maybe see about finding them a new home (than on my blog).

Between August and now I’ve written very little. Stress and anxiety are the main reasons.  They take so much creative energy away!  On the other hand, I did participate in NaNoWriMo this year as well as interviewed several authors/writers who also participated.









2020 – In With the New


The new year is a week away and I’m already looking ahead by packing away the old year. I am hoping that 2020 will be a more productive year.

I am eyeing an anthology that Zombies Need Brains LLC are collecting stories for (due December 31st), and will be revisiting a particular short story I wrote earlier this year. I won’t be redoing this story; no, rather I will be continuing it in a stand-alone short story.  I hope to share more on this at a later date; but first, I need to get the first draft written.  And soon!

There are at least two works I’d begun in 2019 that I plan to continue in 2020. One of them is Terror From the Deep  (action/thriller) which I am writing under the pen name CJ Austin (on Wattpad).  The second one will be finishing Book 2 for the Burden of the Heart (romance-drama) series which I am writing under pen name E.L. Hart (also on Wattpad).

I also hope to continue with The Last Child story (fantasy-adventure-apocalyptic I’d begun nearly four years ago.

At some point in 2020, I hope to finally be able to attend meetings with a writing group in Grand Forks.  Lord knows I sorely need to connect with people (who just happen to be writers) in person. For the past several years I’ve been living a life of a shut in which is super depressing and I intend to do something about it!

I will be checking out various writer’s retreats/residencies in the Northeast that I’d love to apply for.


What about you? Do you have any specific plans for the upcoming new year?

Love to Hear from You!

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