Avi Kaplan – The Healing Power of Music

“Music frees your soul from the dungeon of your mind.” — Wiss Auguste

Throughout my life, writing has been instrumental in helping me work through and deal with various life challenges.

There were times though when writing wasn’t enough. When the pain was too great to try and weave words together, or words alone were unable to soothe the angst of my soul.

This was where music came in.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” — Hans Christian Andersen

I have used music often to help me through times when I was unable to write.

During my twenties, U2 and REM were the two bands I turned to the most.

U2’s I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For described a period when I agonized over career fields while in the throes of dealing with progressive vision loss.

REM’s Everybody Hurts gave me some comfort in knowing that I wasn’t alone in feeling the pain and emptiness as I reeled from losing my first husband and then battling with depression and despair.

There are many, many musicians out there who create and produce really good music. Then there are a few who have the gift to create music that heals the soul.

Avi Kaplan is such a musician.

Photo Credit: Grand Forks Herald

Many know Avi Kaplan as one of the former singers (bass vocalist as well as a beatboxer) on the wildly successful acapella group Pentatonix.

He left the group in 2017 to work on his own music.

For nearly two years, Avi wrote and developed his songs deep in the woods near Nashville TN, and in March 2019, released his first song for the world to hear.

And oh my, what an entrance!

In each subsequent song he shared with the world, he bared his soul.

His pain. His fallacy as a human being.

His struggles with anxiety.

His love for nature.

Avi Kaplan is the epitome in how he crafts music to be the healer not just for himself, but for any who listens.

The kind of music that pours from his soul is the kind that will lasts for generations.

Avi is on a journey, and anyone who listens to his music will embark on a journey of their own.

Of self-discovery. Of the reawakening of one’s spirit. A quickening of the soul as the burden you’ve carried to this point will suddenly feel a bit lighter.

“Music is about bringing light to others.” — Avi Kaplan

His music is a beacon that is shining brightly in a world full of people in need.

Avi Kaplan is the kind of musician that comes once in a generation (or longer)

Avi Kaplan is genuine with a beautiful soul. Through his songs, he shares with us his struggles, sins, pain, and a faith that has carried him through it all. He also shares with us his deep appreciation for nature and its power to heal.

Not only that, he truly loves and cares for people. As he performed throughout 2019 (and currently on the I’ll Get By tour in Europe), he’d made every effort to personally meet his fans. He freely offers hugs for any who need them.

American Songwriter described Avi’s music as “comfortable, familiar, and timeless.”

Timeless is the best word I’d use for his music.

He just released a new song last Friday called, It Knows Me. This is a perfect example for all the reasons I laid out above. Give it a listen and let me know how it affected you.

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