Friday Thoughts (Or Lack Of) #WritersLife

My current view as I write this post


I’m sitting at my desk, in my cold, drafty bedroom, just staring at my laptop.

My mind is a blank slate.

I finally have the house to myself after nearly a week of my son being home with pneumonia.

And I can’t think of a darn thing.


There are other things that I should be doing.

Such as laundry or balancing the check book or putting dinner in the slow cooker.

No, what I want is to write.

Blank slate.



Darn it.

I’m done for the day.






















  1. Take up a pen and paper or notebook. Describe the weather. Describe what you did yesterday. Rant and rave on people, situations, your life. Then write down memories of beautiful moments and places and see where it leads you. A phrase used by a poet to fuel inspiration: a red fox jumps over the brown fence. Write it over and over, it will magical start to change and then take you places that you’d never dreamed of. Tip of the day for you Carrie from Toulouse 🇫🇷, sunny and warm, some spring flowers peeping through. Have an inspiring week.


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