#IWSG Waiting

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This month’s question: “How are things in your world?”




My world has been completely upended since about the middle of March.  And now that we’re isolating on the farmstead in the country, I can’t help but to feel that all I’m doing is waiting.

Waiting for this pandemic to pass.

Waiting to see who among my family/extended family and friends will be struck down.

Waiting to see if this will claim me.

All this waiting has me reeling a bit.


And I can’t focus long enough to do any kind of writing.

Nothing substantial anyway which is why I’ve decided to write poetry through the month of April.

Poetry helps me deal with stress and chaos.

What about you? How’s everything going in your neck of the woods?




  1. Write, write, write Carrie. Walk in nature, look at pictures, read, reflect and dream. Listen to music, watch movies and let all those emotions out, they will feed your poetry and free them from you head. All the worrying will seep away.


  2. Same. Isolating, social distancing, NOT panic buying toilet paper. Sanitising everything! Trying to use the time to write and “be productive”, while also realising that I don’t always need to be “productive” in this pandemic, sometimes I just need to be still and be. #mentalhealth #balance. (Belfast, UK)


  3. My life has not change that much as I am homebound because of mobility issues mostly anyways. The shortages of supplies at times is annoying, but we are doing good so far. Hope you settle and fine your writing groove.


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