Diary Of A Northlander: Signs Of Hope

The snow has finally melted and the grass is starting to green up.  I can hear the birds of Spring singing their songs each morning which really does wonder for my soul! It’s now finally just warm enough to open a window or two.

I was beginning to wonder if Spring would ever arrive here.

It’s been a long winter.

Hubby came out of quarantine nearly a week ago and is doing fine. That’s a blessing and a relief!

COVID19 cases up here are on the rise with local outbreaks only 35 miles away (Grand Forks). It seems that the surge is beginning here in North Dakota.

I have family members and relatives all over the country (NY, GA, OH, KS, MN, and TN). At this point, they are well. One of my cousins, Karen who is a nurse, did have a scare the past few weeks when she developed symptoms similar to COVID19 and the hospital placed her in quarantine for seven days. She was tested and it came back negative. She’s now symptom free and has returned to work.

Hubby’s been teleworking since mid-March, and his agency just extended it to at least June 1st.

My son is dealing with everything quite well.  With the weather finally improving, he’s been outside more taking long walks and practicing his baseball pitching. He talks with his girlfriend on the cell daily.  He wears her scrunchie on his wrist. I can tell he misses her.

Life has changed drastically in over a month. Everything’s upended.

I know I’m just kidding myself by wondering when things will get back to “normal.”

Nothing will ever be as it was before COVID19.

I’m still finding it difficult to get into any kind of a writing routine or rhythm, but it has gotten a bit better.

I took a walk around the farmstead yesterday and saw signs of Spring everywhere.

Life’s returning.  Soon the trees will be in bloom. Farmers are gearing up to begin their planting season.

These all give me hope.

Hope of a future.

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