Week One Challenge Featuring Susan Rouchard #Poetry


Image by Adrian Lang via Pixabay Free Images













Still Vivid

by Susan Rouchard

Frozen in the twilight,
we would sit side by side,
brushing hands.

We gazed over the twinkle,
the lake, a crescent moon
greeted the violet sky.

A breeze from the conifer
ruffled your hair;
I felt your breath

on my bare thigh.
Repressing a sigh,
a premonition crept up;

our last moments together
still vivid in my mind.

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Photo Credit: Majaranda via Pixabay Free Images










by Carrie Ann Golden

She stares out beyond

The heavenly horizon

Searching for Pa’s face





You can still submit a poem (or as many as you’d like) if one or both images inspire you!  It’s never too late to add yours!  You can do so either by DM via Twitter (@cagolden71), email to canngolden@outlook.com, via the Contact page above or just add to the comment section below.

On Monday I will post two new images as prompts for Week #2 so be on the look out!

Have a great weekend!



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