Week Four #Poetry Challenge Featuring Kelley Morris

Image by Yuri via Pixabay










by Kelley Morris


Forgotten items
Placed in a drawer
Many years ago
Now displayed
On the table
For all to see
Reminders of an
Era long passed
A simpler time
Where a compass
Was a necessity
For any adventure
A photograph
Would be carried
Close to the heart
And where a handful
Of coins was a ticket
To new possibilities
Presented separately
Each item represents
A single moment
Displayed together
They tell the
Story of a lifetime
A time when the
Most simple became
The most cherished


Like to see more stuff from Kelley?  Be sure to visit her blog at Piano Girl!



Image by Darius Z Sankowski












by Carrie Ann Golden



Are stories that should be shared

Of faces once known

Of places that touched

Every sense and nerve

These snapshots from the past

etched deep in my soul

Even when my mind

No longer recall

I still have the photos

As my visual reminders






This edition brings this month’s Poetry Challenge to a close.  Don’t fret though! A new weekly Challenge starts next Wednesday!


I want to thank the contributors for this month’s Challenge!  You guys ROCK!!!!


Love to Hear from You!

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