How Does One Keep Focused On #Writing During A Pandemic?

I mean, really? How can a writer keep her focus on writing during a global pandemic?

The answer has eluded me.

With all the upheavals across all aspects of our lives, is it a wonder how we are able to maintain our sanity at all?

I’ve been searching for ways of establishing some kind of writing schedule with everyone being home; but that has proven to be a monumental challenge. And darn near impossible!

There is a story I’ve been attempting to write for the past month for a short story anthology. I have the first draft nearly two-third completed, but darn if I can get to the finish line.

Admittedly, my guys (hubby and teenage son) are needy, and there are many things I’m able to do that they are terrible at. During normal times, I was able to complete these tasks while they’re at work or school. Since these are not “normal” times, they have been at home – allthefreakin‘- time! It doesn’t matter if I tell them not to interrupt me at certain times, they are constantly needing me for something.

So, my frustration with them has been building and building…

I am faced with a few options.

1. Ditch them all and run away.

2. Spend a month with my mother in another state as a “retreat”.

3. Get up very early in the morning before them.

Well, since #1 is not an option I’d choose, I do like the other two.

I have managed to talk my hubby into letting me visit my mother for a month and am hoping to be able to do this in the next month or so. In the meantime, I need to find a way to get up early enough in the morning to have at least one hour of “me” time to write.

Wish me luck!

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